Here are some videos of Universal Orchestra performing and rehearsing.

Universal Orchestra is a collaboration between disabled musicians from Drake Music Scotland (Scotland, UK), Resonaari Music School (Helsinki, Finland), and SKUG Center (Tromsø, Norway). Universal Orchestra collaborated with LEAGUS ( This video documents the first gathering of the Universal Orchestra in Tromsø, and beginning of their journey in September 2019

The Answer Lies Within is one of the first complete pieces that was performed at the Universal Orchestra opening concert in Tromsø. Originally members of Flame Wheels at SKUG worked on this piece on their own before sharing it with the rest of the orchestra for them to add in their parts.

Ivguvuotna is another piece that was performed at the opening concert for Universal Orchestra in Tromsø. This piece was originally written by LEAGUS who then passed it on to the iPad Quartet to work on at Drake Music Scotland before everyone in the orchestra added their parts to it.

In December 2021, Universal Orchestra gathered again in Helsinki and Drake Music Scotland musicians zoomed in remotely. This clip shows “Sanat” written by Vili Rosti, and some interviews too.
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